Lindaz.se - Calls it a Must Have

Malmö based Linda Norden is a financial and economic adviser and also runs her own blog Lindaz.se. Her interest includes interior design, travel and, photography. This is clearly displayed on her blog where she time and time again pick out tasteful attires and matching accessories. Her blog is geared towards women in an active life in search of ideas and motivation. She focuses on the business look and gives excellent examples of how to dress in the workplace.

She recently reviewed two of Arsante of Sweden bags: The Mini Backpack and the Mini Weekend bag during one of her recent travels.

"A must-have for the frequent traveler" - Lindaz.se

"This bag is designed for the elegant woman on the move" - Lindaz.se

To gain an in-depth view, and read the full review on the two bags you can refer to her blog on the link enclosed below: http://www.lindaz.se/handmade-luxury-leather-weekend-bags-women-travel-style/


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