Care of your Arsante bag

Each Arsante bag is exclusively handmade, thereby making each piece unique. The full grain Italian Bovine leather used for the bags, will vary in tone, texture and have different markings as these are the characteristic character of the leather. It is thus imperative that you care for your Arsante bag for its longevity. Below are a few care tips for your bag:

  • Store your bag in its original box or cover it with the dust bag when not in use in a cool dry place. Ensure that you air the box regularly at least once a week.
  • Always rotate your bag so that it does not lay in the same position and loose shape. Keep the bag stuffed when not in use to help retain its shape.
  • Avoid long sunlight exposure and extreme heat on your bag.
  • Avoid contact with water or any other liquids. If your bag should get wet absorb as much of the moisture with a soft clean cloth.

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